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ENTANGLED. Art, no matter the medium, is a materialization of emotions. A painting, sculpture, photograph or poem can move people in profound ways. This is because the work of art is not created from paint or clay or the click of a shutter; it’s created from layering feelings and thoughts and emotions and bringing them to physical form using an artist’s tools of choice. “Entangled" is a manifestation of the artist’s fears, anger and anxiety caused by not living a truly creative life. The work depicts the darkness of being trapped in a place of true unhappiness and using art to claw out. These pieces bring up questions that are not new to a generation that was raised to “follow their dreams”; who were told that they can “be whatever they want to be” and “do anything they set their minds to”. Why do we go to a job where we feel like we’re stitched to a desk chair with string, unable to move? Why do we put on a mask, like a strange wireframe version of ourselves, to cover up who we really are?

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